Z180 CPU

The Z180 is evolved from the Z80 CPU, bringing more instructions, and functions of a DMA, CTC, and SIO. There are a few implementations of Z180 CPUs in the retro-computer universe.


The YAZ180, single board Z180 computer by Phillip Stevens (feilipu).

Scott M. Baker's Z180 module is fitting the rc2014 backplanes.


I have made a few modules compliant with rc2014 system for exploring the Z180 CPU. It consists of a Z180 CPU and Clock Module (#28b). A memory module holding 64 kb RAM and 32k banked ROM (#42c). To RUN CP/M, the system needs a storage system, and the RC2014 (Spenser Owen's) compact flash drive module is recommended. The system is still in development and boot loader and CP/M is not yet fully adapted. The recommended boot loader for the Z180 system is a special and experimental version of the SCMonitor. Since the internal serial interface is not implemented the system needs to communicate through a serial module, either the SIO/2 or the MC68B50 based modules.


The system works fine with the 512kRAM/512kROM with ROMWBW release 2.9.1-pre7 (Z180). I had problems that it froze after the boot screen, but these problems have magical disappeared. It might have to do with adding a CF drive module. The communication works with the integrated serial connectors.